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9 Characteristics


At our race awareness workshops, participants will learn all about the UK’s (and world’s) melting pot of race and culture. Such rich racial diversity breaks barriers of the past while encouraging better business rooted in inclusion.


Age discrimination is a real challenge in the UK today. Many people are unfairly treated purely because they are “too young” or “too old.” This section of our workshops and training encourages age diversity in the workplace, delving deep into trends, real-world examples, and more.

Gender reassignment.

Transgender awareness training is critical in UK workplaces, avoiding gender reassignment discrimination. This is arguably one of the least talked-about topics in the diversity arena, but it’s also one of the most important if we want to combat discrimination, victimization, and harassment.


We’ll teach participants what sex means on a fundamental level, which is the chosen characteristics of a woman or man. Everyone deserves to be protected against workplace discrimination, victimization, and harassment related to sex, which we’ll help participants understand through real-world examples, role-playing, and more.

Sexual orientation.

Many people struggle to identify with their sexual orientation and gender identity. Most are scared at how society will perceive and treat them. We show participants how to break the mold and embrace the content of their character, encouraging workplace adaptation and cultural awareness training.

Marriage and Civil Partnership.

According to The Equality Act, no employee may be discriminated against because of their marriage or involvement in a civil partnership. Such unions must be accepted whether they occur between same-sex or different-sex couples. We teach participants why this matters and how they can start accepting and embracing these differences.

Religion and beliefs.

Our half-day and full-day training options deliver valuable insights to participants, with practical support on religious diversity. Discover how religious diversity issues impact society and the workplace, and how you can overcome these barriers.

Pregnancy and maternity.

The Equality Act prohibits discrimination owing to a woman’s pregnancy or maternity needs. If a woman is pregnant, she may not be demoted or treated differently or unfairly. This is only scratching the surface of what participants will learn in Sheekie’s pregnancy and maternity workshops and training courses.


Disabled individuals enjoy the same rights as anyone else in society and the workplace, and it’s our job to show people why and how they can be more inclusive of disabled individuals around them.

The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace.

If we were all the same, no company would survive. Every successful institution is underpinned by the unique individuals that keep it moving forward. Diversity goes beyond difference in age, religion, race, gender, and culture. It’s about what each human being can bring to the table, and how we can all work together to paint the bigger picture. By implementing, embracing, and encouraging workplace diversity, you’ll:

  • Nurture top talent and skills
  • Inspire employees and improve performance
  • Garner club-wide confidence and a desire to be the best
  • Use language skills to create new business opportunities
  • Expand your talent pool and attract more varied candidates
    While we typically provide workshops to groups of up to 20 please reach out today if your team is larger. We’d be happy to get a custom quote your way to accommodate tailored training courses for a bigger group. Connect today for your FREE 30minute consultation, no obligations. Once we know what you need, we can start tailoring the perfect workshop and training material for you.

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