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Sheekie Students

The Sheekie Students team offer support to LGBTQ+ students throughout their study life. We ensure they are supported, and part of a community which leads to positive outcomes and increased education grades.

Sheekie Students will be offering workshops within the universities, we will be providing events for all of the LGBTQ+ students to come together, be who they are, and surround themselves with like-minded people on a similar journey.

We offer a support and voluntary space on campus for students to come to spend time, have a chat and feel like there is always someone to talk to. The Sheekie team is made up of LGBQ+ Culture, brand ambassadors, entertainment team and team members will be spending time on campus with the students and we will also be bringing motivational speakers in on group sessions.

Our first 6 months on campus is always about listening, learning, supporting and networking with students to understand what we can bring to make their university life to make it as stress-free and inclusive as possible. Each campus will have different requests and requirements that we will actively cater for.

We are working with a number of universities currently and we will be posting our workshop schedule soon.

To find out more or organise a workshop in your university please contact info@sheekie.co.uk