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Our bespoke services allow you to combine any of the 9 characteristics to address your own needs. This involves group activites as well as many different elements of performing arts to get the message across, such as:

  • Role play - Used as a training technique to give participants a visual example of how someone could be effected by one of the 9 Characteristics.
  • Drama - Participants act out or perform the part of a person or character to get an insight as to different situations are like from another persons perspective.
  • Dance - Where participants use rhythmic movement for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion.
  • Spoken word - Spoken word is a poetic performance art which is word based. It is used as a way of expressing emotion and conveying a strong message.
  • Singing - Singing just like exercise triggers the release of endorphins which are associated with stress reduction.
  • Music - Upbeat Music is used to help uplift us. Positive feelings often expand our mindset in ways that are positive for creativity.
  • Debate Mate - Respectfully using non confrontational language, and listening to other perspectives in a professional manner.

Our inhouse, fully qualified dance/drama teachers have spent many years studying and understanding the connection between movement, expression and acting. We utilise these elements of performing arts into our workshops. 

What’s Included?

  • Introductory 1/2 Day workshop (3 hours)
  • Introductory Full-Day workshop (6 hours)
  • 6 week foundation (1/2 Days or Full-Days)
  • 12 week intermediate (1/2 Days or Full-Days)
  • The Sheekie Annual Program

All workshops follow the guidelines set out by The Equality Act 2010. “Protecting the rights of individuals and advancing equality of opportunity for all.”

Upon completion you will receive a Sheekie cetificate of acknowledgement for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.


Our training delves deeply into the 9 characteristics whilst unfolding in a positive, fun, friendly and non judgmental environment. While we typically provide workshops to groups of up to 20, please reach out today as we are able to offer you a solution for smaller and larger groups upon discussion. Participants are put into groups, pairs and teams which will then engage in a set of vibrant, inclusive discussions and activities. 

Concessions are available for community and non profit organisations. Contact us for more information.

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