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The language of movement cannot be described with words, but rather, it is sensed by the muscles. A complex network of nerve endings in the joints and muscles send messages to the brain, telling us how we’re moving. For example, if you raise your leg with your eyes closed, you become aware that it is your leg not your arm. By learning to use this power, your kinaesthetic sense, to your fullest potential, you can not only express yourself, but start to understand the movements and emotions of those around you too.

  • 1⁄2 day workshops (3 hours)
  • Full-day workshops (7 hours)
    Our inhouse fully qualified dance teachers have spent many years studying and understanding the connection between movement and expression. Today, we offer a wide range of dance, movement, and expression workshops, each uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your organization, business, or club.

What’s Included?

  • Introductory 1/2 Day workshop (up to 3 characteristics)
  • Introductory Full-Day workshop (up to 6 characteristics)
  • Introductory workshop up to 9 characteristics (Full-Day and a 1/2)
  • 6 week foundation, up to 9 characteristics (1/2 Days or Full-Days)
  • 12 week intermediate, Up to 9 characteristics (1/2 Days or Full-Days)
  • The Sheekie intermediate Annual Program covering all 9 characteristics, plus various activities such as creative writing; movement and dance workshops; role play and many more.
  • All workshops follow the guidelines set out by The Equality Act 2010, “protecting the rights of individuals and advancing equality of opportunity for all.”

What’s Included Post Workshop?

  • LIFETIME access to the Sheekie platform
  • Full, unlimited support
  • Drop-in services, internally and externally

With our external session, we welcome past participants to get back into the Sheekie groove, meeting new faces and grow together. Terms and conditions apply - please contact us for more.

Want to be entertained at your next event or company function? Book the Sheekie Dance Troupe today. Your guests will be blown away by the unforgettable performances, inspiring them to get up and dance too. You can also book the Sheekie Dance Troupe as part of your tailored workshop.


No matter how you tailor your workshop or training material, we’ll delve deep into the 9 main diversity characteristics. Training unfolds in a positive, fun, friendly, and judgment-free environment, with groups of up to 20 people. Participants are grouped into pairs and teams, engaging in a set of vibrant, inclusive discussions and activities.

Significant discount available for charities and community interest companies. Contact for more information.

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